Deon Hubach

Deon Hubach; Fremantle Remedial Massage Clinic; Fremantle Massage; Perth MassageFremantle Remedial Massage Clinic was created by Deon who has a passion for helping people. His aim is to bring passionate therapists into the field of massage, possibly the most ancient healing technique of helping others, and to touch others lives in a meaningful way. He believes due to the high levels of stress experienced in the work place today and the (unnatural) fast pace of life, many people have lost the ability to relax and let go, thus creating dis-ease in the body.
Working intuitively as well as holistically within the mechanics of the body, Deon’s focus is in helping relieve areas of pain and tension stored in the body. In process of doing so creating a space for the client to get out of their head and back into their body. In effect, allowing the client to “switch off” and be here now, present in the moment and present in their body.


“I first came to the Fremantle Remedial Massage Clinic over a year ago, having tried a number of day spas, sports massage and private clinics. Deon is by far the best massage therapist whose care I have been under. He focuses on the client, responding to what I need about pressure, and pain, but he is also able to go beyond what I think are problem areas because I always come away feeling so much better than I thought possible. He is also very easy to talk to, and makes sure the massage space is bright, warm, and comfortable. I love going to Fremantle Remedial Massage Clinic. I highly recommend Deon for anyone looking for a massage with a friendly, caring practitioner.”
Kelly Banz, Medical Student